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gn workers were seized by islamic militants yesterday at a gas complex. if there's even one thing we can do to reduce this violence then we've got an obligation to try. >> the president unveiled his plan to curb gun violence including a ban on military style assault weapons. >> the issue america faces is not gns, it's violence. the faa grounded all boeing 787 airplanes. operators must first demonstrate its batteries are safe. >> the electrical system can apparently burst into flames. that's fun. notre dame says its star linebacker manti te'o is the victim of a tragic hoax. >> his girlfriend who supposedly died last september got attention, turns out she never existed. >> we have a winner for the weirdest story of the year and it's only january. the movie theater where the shooting happened in aurora
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colorado last july is opening. do not adjust your set. this is snow in the south if you can believe it. all that -- >> the youngest nba in history with 20,000 career points. >> i saw joy back stage and we hugged and she said why are your boobs so hard. >> i did not get to ask him what what would your name have been? >> blaze oliver. >> more fallout from armstrong's confession to doping. he was stripped of his 2000 bronze medal. >> oprah said to get ready she prepared 112 questions. first question was did you use steroids. the next 111 questions were oh come on, you used steroids, right? come on. welcome to "cbs this morning." we bring with breaking news from north africa. algerian troops opened fire on a
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group holding hostages in the desert this morning. some of the hostages were killed. >> dozens of westerners were captured in a gas complex in algeria. the drama is still ongoing at that bp facility in algeria. charlie d'agata is in london with the story. good morning. >> good morning to you norah and charlie. arabic television networks are quoting local officials and saying 35 hostages and 15 kidnapers have been killed in an attack by algerian army helicopters at the plant. we can confirm through our own cbs news sources the algerian military had begun in operation to retake the facility and there were multiple deaths of both kidnappers and hosthostages. one report said the group was moving from one area to another by bus when the helicopters opened fire. the reuters news agency says
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there are remaining surviving hostages including two americans. the al qaeda-linked group said they had taken 41 foreign workers hostage including at least three americans in re retaliation for algerian's cooperation for the situation in neighboring mali. >> john good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> what do we know about what happened on the ground? >> we know the algerians did have a plan. what we don't know whether that was based on a contingency or the plan was to retake the facility, it involved helicopters and firing from helicopters and that plan was executed today and of course as charlie reported we know there's casualties on both sides. >> what goes into a decision like that to carry out on attack to help these hostages? >> norah, that is one of the most difficult decisions in this game and that's because it's so high risk and usually it boils down to three things. number one you have an
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opportunity, that means for instance the hostage takers and the hostages are separated for a time and they use that window number two, you learn that they have started killing hostages or are about to and that's when you make your move and why, or number three and that number three could be the case here you understand you're not going to be able to give them their demands and that you're giving them more time to retrench and fortify which will make a later rescue attempt almost impossible. >> who are the hostage takers? >> this is an offshoot a splinter group from al qaeda and the arabian, al qaeda and the islamic maghreb, a group specialized in kidnappings. they've raised over $90 million in these operations in the last ten years. this did not seem so be as much a ransom operation as a trade for a lot of their former colleagues who are in prison and of course it has ended in a way that has not accomplished that. >> the head of this aqim is someone who we know, he's actually from afghanistan and
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now he's in northern africa. what does that tell us about al qaeda's presence in northern africa? >> this is about local issues but also about global jihad. somebody formed his own group but is still reading from the al qaeda network, mokhtar belmokhtar a one-eyed former afghan fighter,'s been in the business for a long time has about 500 people behind him. >> what do you worry about the most? >> what you worry is exactly what we're seeing do you have the ability with speed and agility to separate the hostages from the hostage takers kill the people you need to kill and rescue the people you don't and that is very difficult and that doesn't matter whether you're talking about the algerians or the navy s.e.a.l.s, you really have to plan it well and then hope and get lucky. >> what was the likely u.s. involvement? >> i would say that it would almost be unlikely with american hostages that there wasn't some advisory capacity here on
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providing intelligence or advice or tactical advice. >> all right, we will continue to follow all of this as this story is breaking. john, thank you. i know there will be more information about certainly those hostages and what the u.s. response is going to be in the future today. >> i'm thinking also they failed in a hostage that was killed. president obama presented his plan for new gun regulations. the president is asking for several new laws including background checks for all gun sales, and in a cbs news/"new york times" poll 92% of americans say they want gun buyers to be checked out. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, what's been the reaction from members of congress? >> reporter: well, norah, democrats think they have an opening right now because public opinion has shifted in the wake of the newtown tragedy and there are some areas where the two sides say they agree but restricting guns is not one of
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them. within hours of the president's announcement -- >> i'm calling on congress to pass some very specific proposals right away. >> reporter: republican senators were releasing statement after statement expressing their opposition florida's marco rubio told fox news restricting assault weapons would not prevent mass murder. >> i think the president doesn't have the guts to admit it, is not a believer in the second amendment although he states he is. >> reporter: mr. obama's proposals include reinstating the assault weapons ban which congress let lapse in 2004 and limiting the number of bullets in high capacity magazines to ten, but even getting those measures through the democratically controlled senate will be difficult. north dakota's heidi heidcamp opposes the gun restrictions. >> this is wrong headed. we need to be doing things that actually achieve a result and that's not something i am
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convinced will achieve the intended result. >> reporter: there are other proposals on the president's list that have bipartisan support like cracking down on gun trafficking and imposing universal background checks. >> if you want to buy a gun, whether it's from a licensed dealer or a private seller you should at least have to show you are not a felon or somebody legally prohibited from buying one. this is common sense. >> reporter: washington state republican dave reichert a former sheriff, agrees with the president on that point. >> i think that's part of a total package, it should be examined. it could make a difference. >> reporter: house republican leaders say they'll wait to see what democrats can pass in the senate before they make a move and democrats say they're going to move quickly, holding hearings in the next couple of weeks. the vice president will likely make his best case when he meets with the conference of mayors mayors from both the right and the left in a couple of hours. charlie and norah? >> nancy cordes thank you. also in washington is david keene, president of the national
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rifle association. good morning, david. >> pleasure to be with you. >> did anything that happened in newtown change anything about the nra or will your efforts simply to be resist resist resist? >> well we're very interested in answering the question of how do we make schools safer for our children. as you know from the very beginning after this happened we've argued that we need two things, one, we need to get at the root of the problem, which is the broken and devastatingly broken mental health care system we have in this country because most of these people all of them in fact are people with severe mental problems. secondly we need to provide security, because we can never predict how one of these people is going to act. most of the proposals that have to do with firearms are simply feel-good proposals that have been tried in the past and won't work or won't have any real impact. the real question that needs to be addressed is not what do we do about guns it's what do we do to make our children safe.
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>> david, we have a new cbs news/"new york times" poll out this morning that shows 85% of nra households support background checks on all gun buyers. are you out of touch with your own membership? >> not at all. we actually are polling our members as well right now as well as other gun owners and second amendment supporters. you know the nra has been one of the biggest supporters of the so-called nic system which provides background checks. in the past when they were talking about checks at gun shows, most guns sold at gun shows do involve a background check because they're sold by licensed dealers, but -- >> 40% of guns are from private sales. would you support in private? >> let me make my point. at the gun shows we suggested to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms some years ago if they want everybody that makes an exchange checked, all they have to do is provide a booth and do it. they said no we weren't going
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to fund it. the difficulty comes in when you're talking about you and me as next door neighbors and you buy a new shotgun and want to sell one to me how do you enforce a background check on that? we want to see the proposal but as a general proposition, the nra has been very supportive of doing background checks on purchasers through the system and secondly of adding the potentially violently mentally ill to the database which most states in the federal government have up to now not done. >> david, on the eve of the president's -- >> and that's good pardon me. >> on the eve of the president announcing these new gun proposals the nra put out this ad in which you mentioned the president's kids. jay carney the white house press secretary called your ad repugnant and cowardly. why is it not off bounds to use the president's kids or anybody's kids in a political ad? >> well the ad was not about
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the president's kids. >> let me just stop you right there, david, because i looked at the ad again and read through the transcript you mentioned the president's kids three times. >> of course we did. of course we did, and we also had pictures of a number of other people including david gregory and others who send their children to schools that have protection and deride the idea that average citizens' children should be protected. that was our point. our point is not about the president's kids it's not about his kids it's about everybody else's kids. we think that one of the most important things we can do is provide security to the children of america and we don't think that's an inappropriate message. >> david keene thank you very much. we'll hear from the other side in a half hour mayor michael bloomberg will be here with us in studio 57. the feel good story of the college football season has come to a bitter end. notre dame's manti te'o found
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inspiration in the death of his girlfriend on the same day he lost his grandmother. last night the story of his girlfriend was exposed as a hoax. chip reid is in washington good morning. >> good morning, norah. manti te'o's inspirational story was featured from espn to "sports illustrated." i reported on the story as well for "cbs this morning" on the day of the bcs championship game but it turns out we were all dupe by a fictitious story made up online. >> i last thing she said was i love you. >> reporter: college football manti te'o said his girlfriend lennar kekua died the same day his grandmother died. notre dame coach brian kelly awarded the game ball to the linebacker with te'o's girlfriend in mind. >> i want to award this game ball to lennay and i'd like man
7:14 am
tie ti to have this ball to take back to hawaii for her. >> i couldn't do it without the support of my family and my girlfriend's family. >> reporter: yesterday dead spin discovered kekua never existed. >> 22-year-old stanford grad gets in a near fatal car accident, contracts leukemia and dies, that's a big tragedy, going to be written up somewhere. it wasn't no, death notice no obituary, no announcement of her funeral. >> reporter: jack dickey is one of the reporters who broke the story after receiving an anonymous tip. >> this person should have had a high profile but had nothing except stuff on social media. >> reporter: jack swarbrik said his star linebacker was the target of deception. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax. manti was the victim of that
7:15 am
hoax. manti is the victim of that hoax. >> earlier, te'o released this statement, "over several months i developed an emotional relationship with a woman i met online, to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was, and is painful and humiliating." te'o discussed the apparent hoax with school officials on december 26th, 12 days before notre dame lost the national championship game to alabama, a game in which te'o's poor play was scrutinized. >> manti te'o and the rest of this defense unable to wrap him up and bring down t.j. >> reporter: a woman on facebook was surprised to learn her image had been hijacked. >> we talked to this woman and said all of these photos are of me. i'm not dead. i have not had leukemia i didn't go to stanford and i don't really know who manti te'o is. we said oh wow. >> reporter: the surreal chain of events have some speculating
7:16 am
te'o may have been in on the hoax but as far as notre dame is concerned, they're sticking by their man. >> the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust again in the same way in his life. that's an incredible tragedy. >> there is no word yet on when manti te'o is expected to address the media beyond his statement last night. questions remain as to te'o could not have known. deadspin identified a friend or distant family member of manti te'o who was behind the hoax. deadspin who also broke the brett favre scandal a year ago says this is the biggest story the site has had, over 2 million hits in eight hours. >> chip did we reach out to notre dame? >> we did repeatedly charlie that weekend before the bcs game and before our story aired we contacted them repeatedly asking for interviews with coaches or
7:17 am
te'o himself and they never returned our calls. >> after the hoax became apparent to him, did he do anything to say that i know this is a hoax or did he continue with the knowledge that it might not be? >> right, and chip as chip pointed out, notre dame knew about this on december 26th. chip's story ran in january, right, and you contacted notre dame and nobody told you that they knew about this, right? >> that's right, and i also interviewed people in hawaii. i was there covering president obama by coincidence and that's why we did the story from there and i went to his hometown of la la'aea i talked to neighbors, they were familiar with the story of lennay kekua. >> does notre dame understand how serious this is? >> i think they do and they understand they have to address this to a greater degree and it's stunning they knew december
7:18 am
26th and didn't make it clear to the world then and a lot of people are speculating perhaps that's why manti te'o did not play so well in that bowl championship game but they didn't want him to have to deal with it before the game. >> chip reid thank you. good morning. heading out the door today, lots of sunshine coming our way. chilly in the spots in the valleys, overnight lows in the 20s and 30s there. but a beautiful start to the day. we're going to finish up very nicely as well. right now, we've got 31 degrees in livermore. 27 and chilly in santa rosa. 40 into san francisco today. temperatures moderating a little bit. by afternoon, we should be up a good one to six degrees from yesterday's highs. mid-60s in the afternoon in some spots. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by petco where the healthy pets go.
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new york mayor michael bloomberg says there's never been more support for gun laws than there are now. he'll be in studio 57 this morning and we'll ask if the president's plan goes far enough and how he plans to take on gun control prone opponents. for the first time in decades a particular type of airplane is grounded. peter greenberg looks at how long the boeing 787 could be out of service on "cbs this morning."
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good morning, everyone. 7:26, your time. i'm frank mallicoat. bay area headlines, here's a sketch of a man wanted for trying to capture a 2-year-old girl from her front yard in east san jose. the mother kept a hold of the daughter and the suspect ran away on tuesday night. bay area is one of the nation's strongest housing markets these days. prices in some parts are up 32% from a year ago and sales are at a six-year high. good news there. and the world's biggest wave surfers are on their way to half moon bay right now. the mavericks contest, set to go on sunday morning. spectators will be kept away from the shore in that area because of the threat of sleeper waves. but it's set to go on sunday. traffic and some warm weather heading our way, coming up right after the break.
7:26 am
. good morning. out to the bay bridge, still really backed up, well into the mcarthur maze, approaches
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stalled as well. it's lookinged like this since about 6:00 this morning. elsewhere, new accident in san jose, northbound 101 approaching julian street, blocking one lane. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we're starting out mostly clear skies around the bay area, hazy this morning t will be hazy sunshine into the afternoon, but a very nice day on tap. we've got cold temperatures, freezing numbers showing up in the valleys again. 32 degrees, freezing mark in napa. 27 in san jose. 40s approaching the coastline. this afternoon, we're looking at 50s, even mid-60s. warmer temperatures this afternoon. looks like the nice warming trend continuing over the next few days, staying nice and dry through the weekend.
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>> after hurricane sandy, congress said it was time for the rules to change. >> he's saying he's not going to support the measure. >> my difficulty is it's simply not paid for. we're borrowing the money to do this and it's wrong. >> turns out there's a few politicians in the northeast. they'd like a word with you folks. >> to my colleagues some rather recently, who have decided we need to change the rules of the game, shame on you. >> they want to make new rules about the disasters, they picked the wrong state to pick the rules with. >> hey, nice state. nice state you're representing. it would be a real shame if it ended like new delaware. oh, you never heard of new delaware? yeah that's right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we have a new series on gun regulations offered by president obama. in this morning's "new york times" foreign prime minister
7:30 am
john howard said he went off gun violence in his country and succeeded. he says the president can do it too. >> mayor michael bloomberg is here in studio 57 with us. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> you believe the country wants change. >> yes. the country, i think it took a tragedy of 26 people, 20 children one time in a nice community in the suburbs. all the video was beautiful. people say they can't do that. keep in mind 33 people die from handguns every day and more die from suicides than those who get killed. >> we were with the president from the nra earlier this morning. >> yep. >> how are you going to overcome the opposition that dees rail's derailed all gun control in the past? >> what you have to do is convince congress this is the right thing to do.
7:31 am
you can't force them do it. it's democracy. you can make good arguments. i think you can show you can have your second amendment rights to bear arms for sport, for target practice for hunting, but -- >> people are afraid you're going to take guns out of their homes. >> it's a great visual to show people lined up at the store. keep in mind there are 300 million people in america and most are not at gun stores. somebody said, oh, well nobody's going to force the law or there will be an occasional gun dealer that goes around. we have speed limits. they save lives. that doesn't mean people won't go around it. guns are getting in the hands of youngsters, in the hands of criminals, substance abuse, and people with psychiatric problems. there are federal laws against it but the laws aren't broad enough. today 40% of them come from the
7:32 am
internet or come from gun shows. in the olden days, people brought pistols and rifles with a bolt and a single action. today you can buy something where if you keep pulling the trigger it keeps firing firing firing. they're only designed to kill cops. we just don't need assault weapons out there. there's not sporting about it. if you can't shoot the deer with two shots you shouldn't be out there shooting. >> i know you say you feel like this has been a time for change but it is true that congress will probably not pass much of what the president proposed yesterday. >> no. i think that's right this time but that doesn't mean you're not going to come back again. keep in mind we're likely to have nr tragedies like you saw in connecticut. each one of these builds on things. and also the public has the chance every two years to express themselves in congressional elections. i supported five candidates that the nra went against this time and four of them won. and think through our mayors
7:33 am
coalition against guns, i think what we can do is go to our cog and say, look this is what's happening and let me explain to you why and you can convince them. they're interested in doing a good job from america. if they hear from their constituents, i think they'll change. >> they put out a controversial ad. the nra president you heard him say this is not about them. this is about everybody else's kids who don't have the same elitist -- >> it's hart to understand the management of the nra, what they're thinking. number one, their members, every poll shoes they're in reasonable control. to do an ad to bring the president's kids in is just dumb p.r. you have to be stupid to do that. >> they're the latest hypocrite in that ad. >> i'm sure. two days and a month ago they said -- the nra said the worst
7:34 am
thing here is these violent children's games and two days ago they come out with their own violent children's game. come on. >> but do i hear you saying to norah that you agree that it will not likely be passed by this congress at this time? >> no, no. i'm hopeful that it will be but i'm telling you if itn't, the issue isn't going away. >> can i ask you one question because you've done so much study on this. the nra has millions of members. you're taking them on for the first time. does the nra represent gun owners or gun manufacturers? >> well the nra is getting its funding from gun manufacturers, and a lot of congressional people got money from gun manufacturers. in fact gun manufacturers are the only manufacturers in the country that i know of who have been granted from immunity in miss use of their products or products that they know will hurt people. the automobile industry doesn't have that kind of protection.
7:35 am
cbs doesn't have that kind of protection. charlie, there are lots of problems in the world. i can just tell you this. in new york state which has tough gun laws and our legislature just passed it. they just passed more stringent gun laws. our murder rate is so low compared to other places it's hard to measure it. our suicide rate is less than half of the national average. it's like 20%. if you don't have guns in the hands of the wrong people, then you don't have this carnage and that doesn't take away the ability for the average person. >> when you bring up handgun violence like that that's exactly why gun owners in america think that people who support gun control like you are going to take away handguns. are you proposing that? >> no. but are you saying we can't have a speed limit because people think they're never going to drive again? yes, there are always going to be people to say that and the
7:36 am
press will glom onto that because there's always two sides to every story. most people are much more rational. the american public has carried us 235 years in washington despite what they do in washington and i'm optimistic about this country going forward. >> thank you so much. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. more problems. they have grounded the 787 jet including united states. peter greenberg will show us what this means for boeing and for passengers. that's next. and tomorrow we'll visit a new york wine maker who will be filling glasses at the president's inauguration on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] end your long week... with a weekend getaway. save up to forty percent on all weekend hotel stays. book by january thirty first at
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a japanese safety inspector says the boeing 787 that made an emergency landing yesterday had a battery that was swollen and
7:41 am
leaking after it overheated. the faa has ordered all 787s in the united states to be grounded for safety inspections and this morning european regulators followed suit. cbs travel editor peter greenberg is here this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i feel like you've followed this from the beginning. this is big news. >> it is big news. it is highly unusual. i can think of maybe two times in the last 60 years that this agency has grounded an airline. one was in the late '50s to comet and then in 2001 after the crash of 191the dc-10, flight 191 in chicago. >> do all of these come from a single reason? >> we don't know that. we know it's based on an electrical input. more often than not it's been with electrical systems,
7:42 am
especially the lithium battery. >> everything argues that they had the parts made in some different places. some made in italy, some somewhere else and most in the united states. >> what the faa is looking at right now is not just design and material. they're looking at the production line and they're looking at the installation. and that's what's going to keep this plane on the ground until they figure out if there's a system problem. >> what does it mean for bowing? >> well, it's not exactly your best public relations history. remember this. they're grounding the planes since the time of its infancy. they have more than 800 planes on order. it's a very popular plane. their order books are very robust. they're going to work to resolving this. the bottom line is you've got plane right now for the first
7:43 am
time in my memory that's actually been put on the ground. they basically say you cannot fly this plane until we fix this problem. >> would you get on one? >> you asked me that question last week and i said yes. >> how long will it take them to answer these questions? >> well speed is of the essence on one level but they're going to take their time. remember, they have to look at the entire custody, the chain of custody of parts and materials and installation to figure out where the problems are. is it an installation problem or item problem. we've had two serious fires on planes already. one fatal with a ups plane last year over dubai where they catch fire. when they overheat very for planes on compression can handle that. one thing you do not want at
7:44 am
good morning. sunny side up all day and the temperatures will start heating up a bit today. still, it is cold in spots inland. looking toward the golden gate bridge, nice and clear now. 20s and 30s in the valleys again, 40s at the coastline. milder there. speaking of mild, by this afternoon, 50s and even mid-60s in toward the afternoon hours. high pressure holding on the next couple of days. that will bring with it lots of sunshine, dry right through the weekend. doctors say getting a flu shot is good, but there may be a way to make it even better. we'll have that story when we come back on "cbs this morning." i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ female announcer ] mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible
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7:48 am
this is a funny moment from "cbs this morning." charlie rose and norah o'donnell had someone on how to get more sleep. >> nicotine caffeine all those can disrupt sleep. >> what about sex? >> it can help. for men it can be a little stimulating. >> we hope so. >> charlie, you dirty dog you.
7:49 am
>> i didn't start that. >> i tlink was a little selective editing in there. after the statement she said i thought we were going to talk about acid reflux. how did we get into the whole sex thing. we wanted to make it interesting. >> you started it. one sports marketing group estimates that lance armstrong earned more than $100 million from endorsements in his career. today all that commercial income is gone and armstrong could be forced to give much of the money back. we'll see what he can do to rebrand himself and earn a living ahead on "cbs this morning." and we know working out can help you stay healthy. now there's new evidence it can fight off the flu. good morning. today on "healthwatch," exercise and the flu shot. if you get vaccinated you're 62% less likely to get the flu. but a new study reveals a way to
7:50 am
possibly make it even more effective. all you have to do is skper size after getting vaccinated. researchers separated young healthy adults into two groups. first went for either 590 f h minute jog or bike ride after receiving a flu shot. the second sat quietly for 90 minutes after the shot. researchers then checked the blood levels of participants for flu. they also had higher levels of cells that ward off infections. researchers ran another test on mice. after receiving a flu shot some ran for 90 minutes. others ran for 45 minutes an a third group ran for three hours. the mice that exercised moderate hi for 90 minutes became the most resistant for the flew. experts believe it helps by activating the immune system. it may pump the vaccine through the body. it is recommended for everyone 6 months and older and if you can fit in a little exercise afterward you may be even better
7:51 am
off. i'm dr. holly phillips. >> announcer: cbs "healthwatch" sponsored by kleenex brand tissues. softness worth sharing. [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways to say get well to your loved ones. this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but when you send a kleenex® care pack complete with america's softest tissue you're also giving a warm gesture of care. kleenex®. america's softest tissue. salon facial hair removal can be costly. challenge that with olay facial hair removal duos for fine or coarse hair. first a pre-treatment balm then the effective cream. for gentle hair removal at far less than salon prices. there's no place like home. chili's lunch combos starting at just 6 bucks. try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. that's good! watch your step, folks. keep movin', please. [ announcer ] to do a job well you need the right tools. [ thuds ]
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vericks surf >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. after a three-year drought, the mavericks surf contest is set to go this sunday on the northern edge of half moon bay. the waves are finally big enough to hold the contest again. for safety reasons, fans will not be allowed to watch the action from the point but the event can be seen live on big screens at a festival at a hotel. water damage may have left a building unsalvageable. a civic flooded all four floors. -- a sink flooded all four floors and the building may have to be torn down. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. coming up. ove it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ ♪ [ fancy voice ]
7:56 am
brilliant idea, darling. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. it is at least 20 minutes to get on the bay bridge really stacked up behind the pay gates. they have been turned on since just before 6:00. we are also getting word of a stall right before the bay
7:57 am
bridge toll plaza. so that's not helping matters either. all right. elsewhere, northbound 101 approaching julian that accident is now just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. you can see brake lights well beyond the accident. even beyond the 280/680 interchange. and to the nimitz, 880 a little slow and go from hayward towards downtown oakland. lots of sunshine around the bay area today clear all the way to the coastline a little hazy in spots and again those temperatures getting chilly. seeing a little breeze blowing out there we're seeing some temperatures moderate approaching the coastline. numbers though yeah, down to the freezing mark in fare field at 27. 27 in santa rosa. 35 degrees in san jose. 40s into san francisco. 50s and mid-60s this afternoon. sign of warmer weather over the next few days through the weekend.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, everybody. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." notre dame says football star man taiti te'o is the victim of a hoax after learning his online girlfriend who inspired him is not a real person. te'o calls it a sick joke. some of the v.i.p. hotel packages for the inauguration are pretty hard to believe. what can you get for a very high price? we'll show you. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the algerian operations had started to retake the facility. there were multiple deaths of kidnappers and hostages. >> algerian groups opened fire in the sahara this morning. at least some of the hostages were killed. >> we're worrying about exactly what we're seeing which is do you have the ability, speed and agility to separate the hostages from the hostage takers kill
8:00 am
the people you need to kill and rescue the people you don't? >> now that president obama has presented his plans for new gun regulations, the real battle begins in congress. >> the real question is not what do we do about guns it's what do we do to make our children safe? >> the bottom line is that too many guns and the guns are getting in the hands of our youngsters, in the hands of criminals, in the hands of people with substance abuse, in the hands of the people with psychiatric problems. >> manti te'o's picture is all over. we were all duped by a fictitious story made up online. >> single most trusting human being i ever met, will never be able to trust him again in my life. >> more problems for boeing. they've grounded the 787 including the united states. >> you cannot fly this plane until you fix this problem. >> that is a dirty dog. i didn't start that. >> kris humphries, you're still married to him? >> yes i am. >> when are you going to wrap that up?
8:01 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. it is a bizarre twist in the story of notre dame football star manti te'o. the heisman trophy runner up made national headlines when he revealed his grandmother and girlfriend died on the same day and their losses inspired him to play harder but now university officials say his girlfriend never existed. >> they say he was duped into an online relationship with a fictitious person and then led to believe she died of leukemia. the website deadspin found no records of that girlfriend. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax. manti was the victim of that hoax. manti is the victim of that hoax. the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never
8:02 am
be able to trust in the same way again in his life. that's an incredible tragedy. >> the notre dame athletic director you see getting very emotional there said te'o learned of the hoax in early december and told his coaches the day after christmas. the game was in january. school officials reject any speculation that te'o was involved in the hoax. he put out a statement saying that he is humiliated and as sad as this story is it's so confusing. i think it is just leading to a lot more questions. and i just wonder, how do you fall in love with someone who you've never met who you've never seen? especially in the age of skype and face time that you've never seen this person. >> the timing raises lots of questions. >> it does. >> especially since it was december 26th. >> the alabama game was january, earlier this month. >> right. >> notre dame is clearly standing by him. >> they are, indeed. >> to be continued. at least one american hostage reportedly escaped this morning from a natural gas facility in algeria, but other
8:03 am
hostages were killed when the algerian military attacked members of an al qaeda connected group who captured those westerners yesterday. charlie d'agata is following this fast-moving story in london. >> good morning, norah. they're quoting sources in algeria. 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers have been killed in an attack by algerian army helicopters at the natural gas plant. however, we're also hearing that a handful of hostages may have survived, including two americans and they're still being held. we can confirm through our own cbs news sources that the algerian military had enacted an operation to retake the plant and there are multiple deaths of both kidnappers and hostages. one report says the group is moving from one area to another by bus when the helicopters opened fire. the al qaeda linked group said they had taken 41 workers hostages including three americans in a siege yesterday. they were demanding an end to the ongoing military operation
8:04 am
in neighboring mali. >> charlie d'agata, thank you. a movie multiflex in aurora colorado, six months after a gunman murdered 12 people and wounded others at a midnight show. barry petersen is here with the story. good morning. >> good morning. tonight's ceremony to reopen the theater will also be attended by colorado's governor and the company that owns the theater has invited family members of survivors and some of the family members of victims and got a very mixed reaction. >> i've got a whole bunch of people shot out here and no rescue. >> reporter: some who were caught in the gunfire inside the theater the early morning of july 20th are still recovering, and now outraged victims and their families say the theater's owners are rubbing salt into wounds that have yet to heal. >> they have never offered their condolences. >> jessica watts, whose cousin jonathan blunk died in the shooting, is angry at the theater and its plan to not only reopen, but invite survivors to
8:05 am
a special screening. nine families sent a letter saying an invitation to the event was in their words disgusting offensive, and called the theater the killing field of our children. >> they're trying to use this as a stepping stone to try and boost ticket sales for their grand reopening. >> reporter: this is not the first time a community has debated what to do with a building associated with horrific violence. many wanted to tear down the school at columbine. others argued that would signify the student shooters had won. in the end a memorial overlooking the school was built and the library, sight of most of the killings, was converted to an aid try up. and in tucson a small memorial was constructed outside the grocery store where representative gabby giffords was shot and six were killed. for some it's important that the aurora theater remain open. >> somebody was shaking and break down by going to the theater. i don't know what to expect but it's just in my heart.
8:06 am
it's important to go back to that place. >> pierce o'farrill still has shotgun pellets in his chest, but he wants to go. wants to face the memories. >> it's just important for me for my healing to go back to that place. i mean i was very very close to death. for me i just think it will be therapeutic. >> it's taken six months for the aurora theater to reopen but sometimes these decisions happen much more quickly. a public meeting is expected to draw hundreds in newtown, connecticut, on friday to help determine the fate of sandy hook elementary. >> thank you. incredible story. in paris this morning, tour de france officials revealed next year's route for the world's most famous cycling race. lance armstrong said he quote, left it all on the table in his interview with oprah winfrey. that airs tonight. before his downfall he earned millions of dollars a year from endorsements. all of that money is now in jeopardy. jeff, good morning.
8:07 am
>> good morning. the news isn't getting any better for lance arm strong. this morning we have been told the international olympic committee has stripped his bronze medal from the 2000 olympics. when he was winning all of that companies threw big endorsements at him. not only because of his triumphs in cancer and cycling, but also because he positioned himself as being above the widespread doping. >> 17 to $20 million a year from nike. >> a doper. >> 2 to 3 million from anheuser-busch. >> michelobe ultra. >> wake up wow, did that really happen? >> another 2 to 3 million from oakley. >> yeah, it really happened. >> reporter: lance armstrong has likely made more than $100 million in endorsement deals throughout his career. now his brand looks a lot different. >> it really had a heavy hand in really trying to essentially crush people that have gotten in
8:08 am
his way so i think that scares people probably as much if not more than the doping issues. >> reporter: all of armstrong's major sponsored abandoned him in the fall. the chances of getting new ones brian socolow specializes in endorsement contracts. >> i can't think of any company right now that would want to align with lance armstrong. i think his brand is ruined at least for the short term. >> and armstrong's former sponsors are likely looking into claw backs, getting some of their endorsement money back because of the admission. >> that's admitting that he engaged in fraud with respect to these companies. he's made it easy for them to go after him and pursue a fraud claim. >> which makes it even harder for armstrong to earn money from speaking fees event appearance or triathalons moving forward. >> when you talk about the general opportunity there, i would argue that they pretty much dried up to almost nothing. >> i think this is so interesting because it gets to the heart of the financial
8:09 am
interest behind lance armstrong making this confession. he does also want to compete, as you've point you had out, in these triathalons. do you think people will want to pay him an appearance fee? >> we'll have to see. look it there's a large capacity to forgive, i think, sometimes in american life. if lance armstrongstrong wants to come back what he has to do is do it as a clean athlete. he has to be sanctioned. make 50 $100,000 a year to show up. it's not the same sort of megaendorsements we're talking about before but there is potentially a path he believes. >> and i've heard so many people say what he's done for cancer. as bad as what he did far outweighs that. we'll see. this interview tonight will be important. >> that's a good point. >> the story will live for a while because of all the lawsuits and everything else. >> from what we hear tonight, more details. yeah. >> i have a feeling we'll be talking
8:10 am
nearly 11 million american homeowners are at risk of foreclosure. we'll show you how new government rules may help them keep their homes. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:11 am
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p> ♪ oh, i'm popeye the sailor man ♪ every time i hear that laugh. i guess all that spinach paid off. popeye the sailor turns, listen to this, 84 today. he first showed up in a 1929
8:15 am
comic strip called symbol theater. then came the cartoons. do you remember the movie starring robin williams? yeah. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a lot of people started eating spinach, kids in particular. >> i like spinach. >> i do now. i didn't -- did you like it when you were a kid? i hated it when i was a kid. i like it now. >> break out the disco ball. tomorrow we're taking you back to the days of studio 54 right here in studio 57. memorabilia from the legendary new york city clubs is going up for auction. we'll go behind the velvet ropes to show you some of the rare items that will be on sale and feature simone disco moves of our own. no. just kidding. >> what show are you watching? more than four years, although charlie rose has moved. more than four years after the mortgage meltdown millions are still at risk of foreclosure, but the rules of the game, they have changed. just changed. we'll show you how those changes can help you save your home when
8:16 am
"cbs this morning" continues. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party city. get everything for your football celebrations at party city. nobody has more party for less. ions at party city. nobody has more party for less. [ female announcer ] mcdonald's dollar menu. home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love. and other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. every day, as always there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar
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land o'lakes® sauté express®. find it in the dairy aisle. foreclosure rates fell slightly last year down 3% from 2011. still 1.8 million homeowners faced foreclosure in 2012 and 11 million americans are still at risk. rebecca jarvis joins us at the table to brings up to date. let's talk about the trends in the foreclosure rates. what are we seeing? >> they're dropping for your the country overall, but there are 25 states where we're still seeing foreclosures increase.
8:20 am
the good news is that while they're increasing in a number of states the reason they're increasing is because some states have different practices. some states like new york and new jersey make you go through judicial review in order to get a foreclosure. so there's this big backlog of foreclosures. now more foreclosures are going through the process and they're just getting processed. the good news overall is that the inventory is being cleared off the market. >> generally what does this mean for the whole housing mark? >> what it means for the whole housing market, and this is good news, we're seeing prices climb. the proceedian price of homes is rising. howevering there are still a number of homes in this country under water. 11 million under water in a severe way. 25% of their loan is still unpaid and 25% of their loan needs to be paid back and they are under water meaning that their mortgage is more than the value of their home. >> so what rebecca now, is
8:21 am
against the rules? >> what's against the rules. the biggest thing right now. dual tracking. this is where you are looking into foreclosure. your house that is in foreclosure and at the time that you're trying to work out with the bank a new deal a work-around with the bank the bank has simultaneously with another division processing your foreclosure so you could say everything is going to be okay and get a notice in the mail that everything's going to be okay but you've already been foreclosed on. they say you can't do that anymore. 120 days. if you're behind on 120 days the bank cannot start foreclosure filings on you and they have new rules on how your bills have to come to you. >> good information, rebecca jarvis. thank you. john mackie brought whole foods to america. he's never been afraid to giv
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. 8:25 your time. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 news headlines. a federal judge will consider whether to block the implementation of san francisco's nudity ban at a hearing today. public nudity activists are asking the judge to block the law while he considers their lawsuit seeking to invalidate the ordinance. they will hold a protest at noon outside federal court. the ban goes into effect february 1. water damage to the headquarters of the oakland unified school district may have left the century old building unsalvageable. a sink that was left running overnight last week damaged all four floors of the structure. employees have been moved to buildings throughout the district. the bay area housing market is hot with the median price up 32% since last year in some areas. the bay area is one of the nation's strongest housing markets and one of the fastest
8:25 am
to recover from the crash. last month, sales were the highest for any december since 2006. got your traffic and weather coming up after the break.
8:26 am
if you have your commute tanks you to the peninsula, slow to 92. 280 is a better option.
8:27 am
outside, this is the nimitz in the east bay. northbound looks like this from the oakland coliseum all the way towards downtown. northbound lanes the drive time in the red this morning. more than a half hour between 238 and the maze. easy approaching the toll plaza usually but not this morning, backed up to the maze. cold temperatures in the valleys down below freezing in some spots. looking toward mount diablo, that's one of those cold areas. temperature up 30 degrees in concord right now 32 and freezing in livermore, 35 in san jose. 40s and milder as you approach the coastline. temperatures this afternoon under sunny skies, 50s and even midsection. the next couple of days plenty of sunshine dry through the weekend.
8:28 am
8:29 am
and check out this shot. player from clear lake high school in california scored this three-pointer friday night from clear across the court. believe it or not the team won by another buzzer beater at half-court. welcome back to "cbs this morning." that looks like charlie rose. >> from when? >> oh the other day. it's time now to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's "telegraph" says two workers that should have been in the crane that was hit by the helicopter yesterday are alive because they overslept. the helicopter hit the crane yesterday. the pilot and a person on the ground were killed. one of the crane workers said it was the first time he was late to work in three years. the "financial times" says
8:30 am
jpmorgan chase's chairman is taking a hit for last year's big trading mistake. the bank lost $6 billion in the trading debacle. chairman jamie dimon has had his bonus cut in half. they place most of the rest of it on investment traders. they're triggering a water fight by texas officials. the supreme court has threatened to take it up. there's a share of the red river which runs between the two states. texas also wants the court to hear a lawsuit against new mexico over the water from the rio grande. "the new york times" says the government approve add new type of flu vaccine yesterday. it could be produced much faster than the pandemic. it's made with a process not required by chicken eggs. the newspaper reclemently bought seven of subway's $5 foot longs, measured them and found
8:31 am
they were only 11 inches there. >> okay. i'll go there. size always matters about anything, about anything. >> "usa today" finds only a handful of big owners contribute to his second inauguration. 463 people gave $1,000 or more in 2009. only a dozen of them are on this year's list of benefactors. the first whole foods market opened in texas in 1980. it is now an $11 billion chain making fortune's best company to work for. co-founder and ceo john mackey is one of the founders of a new book "conscious capitalism." he's with us here in studio 57. welcome. >> thank you. good to be here. >> tell us what you know about making a business a good place. >> a good place to work? >> yes. >> well, first you have to care about the people that work there. it has to be an important
8:32 am
priority of the business. one of the things we discovered at whole foods is if you want to have a successful business first you have to hire good people, make sure they're well trained, they're happy in the workplace. they take care of the customer customers, the customers are happy, the business flourishes and investors are happy. >> in most businesses people say, yeah but i also want to make money. >> they need to do both. my body can't exist without producing red cells. if i don't make them, i'll die. but the purpose of my life is another to produce red blood cells. business needs to make money but it has to have a higher purpose just like doctors heal people architects design buildings, businesses can help business. >> you brought organic foods and other stuff into the mainstream if you will. what do you think is the biggest threat to our food supply? >> we continue to eat terrible
8:33 am
foods. we're now 689% overweight 36% obese. it's primarily because we eat bad diets. unhealthy processed foods. >> you are a vegan. >> yes. >> what happens if you get a craving for a burger? >> i have a veggie burger. >> how has it changed your life? >> how has -- >> being a vegan. >> i'm must healthier. i lost weight. i almost never get sick, have high vitality, probably going to avoid a lot of diseases. >> is there a downside? >> is there a downside? it's sometimes difficult when you visit people at parties. they don't know what to feed you. >> let's talk about whole foods. it was called a safer way. you had a life-changing event with whole foods that sort of changed your life. >> you're referring to the flood? >> yes, yes. >> austin had the worst flood. we were 18 feet under water.
8:34 am
we were bankrupt. we showed up to work the next day and we had dozens and dozens of customers and neighbors in the community come there and help us clean up the store, so all of our stakeholders pitched in. our bankers loaned us more money, investors put in more money and our pleas worked for free. we were able to reopen in 30 days. it changed the way i think about business. >> let's talk about obama care. it's to cover all health care employees. you have compared that to fascism. why? >> i thank was a bad choice of words on my part. i regret that. >> do you really? >> yes. >> first socialism, then fascism. what is it now? >> it has a socialism like a dictate orship. know e we no longer have free enterprise capitalism in health care. it's not a system any longer where people are able to
8:35 am
innovate not based on voluntary exchange. the government is directing it. we need a new word for it. >> i'm less concerned about the word but why are you so opposed. why did you use a word like that? >> i'm a businessman, a capitalist. i believe in the free market. i believe in letting people voluntarily exchange with each other for gain. >> here's an interests quote from a new yorker profile of you. the man who has done as much as anyone to bring the natural food movement into the mainstream is also a vocal libertarian, orthodox free market and an add miezier or milton and reagan. that expresses your political philosophy? >> i am a conscious capitalist. i believe in free enterprise system has lifted humanity up over the last 200 years. grubbing in the dirt. we're prosperous and i believe that's the best solution to most of our problems including health
8:36 am
care. >> most people think healthy eating means excessive. when you go to whole foods you admit it's a little more expensive but you have a great tuna salad with the krahn bercranberries and the orange juice. you say healthy eating doesn't have to be expensive. there's a point you're making. >> there's a myth out there that the first thing is we're spending only 7% of our disposal income on food. that's the lowest it's ever been. 50 years ago we spent 20%. 100 years ago we spent 100%. we're not spending that much. the truth is that a healthy diet that's based on whole foods whole grains fresh fruits and vegetables, if you know how to cook is not very expensive. i cook. i don't spend that much money on food because the healthiest
8:37 am
foods are not the most expensive foods. the processed foods are the most expensive. >> do you get a discount at whole foods? >> i do get discounts. >> john mackie thank you. >> thank you. it won't set a record but hundreds of thousands are expected in washington for president obama's second swearing in monday. some of them will be spending big bucks to enjoy a bit of inaugural indulgence. peter greenberg shows us why even the leader of the free world might get a little bit jealous. >> reporter: presidential inaugurations have been washington's biggest celebrations for more than two years. >> so help me god. >> reporter: and the city sure knows how to throw a party. >> thank you. >> but for those looking for decadence with their democracy, they'll have to shell out some major capital. within walking distance of the platform where president obama will take his second oelt the fairmont hotel is offering a package fit for a fiscal king. >> the inaugural package includes up to four nights in our presidential caliber suite.
8:38 am
the amenities on arrival and every evening as well as the party on the night of the inauguration. >> reporter: along with the room and the spread that includes bottles of don pair ig known champagne will provide you with a presidential puppy and two secret service agents. the dog is real. the agents are not. there are accommodations which would make first dog bo pant and they come with price tag of $100,000. ♪ >> reporter: the ritz carlton's access washington deal would also make the congressional budget office cry. a long weekend of pampering and vip treatment for $100,000. not surprisingly every presidential inauguration is about branding and logos, and here at the ritz carlton, guess what? for 100,000 bucks, they even let you keep the inaugural pillowcase. is that an official inaugural seal? >> it looks official to me.
8:39 am
♪ >> reporter: to experience the presidential perks a bit more modestly a $57,000 fee to the park hyatt will get you four nights in their suite, a closet full of goods from saks fifth avenue, and did we mention the bath butler? >> the best way to calm down and to soothe after inauguration and standing out in the cold to watch the president get sworn in. >> reporter: but are these extravagances appropriate? even the obama administration is toning down the celebrations this time around. >> this isn't about getting a discount stay, this is about moments in the memory and this is about celebrating democracy. this is it. go big or go home. >> reporter: some people are choosing to stay home. while an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people are expected on the mall for the president's speech that's down from approximately 1.8 million four years ago. >> 2009 was obviously the largest inauguration ever recordedrecord ed ed
8:40 am
ed. well over $94 million was raised through the metropolitan area, so we're encouraging people to please come in and experience the city. >> reporter: so this weekend the d.c. inaugural experience is not about the lavish suites it's about enduring the cold and the crowd for a priceless piece of history. ♪ >> so, peter, how many of those $100,000 packages where you get the fake secret service agents and the dog were told? >> i was so hoping you'd ask that question. the answer is zero nadia, zip. >> well, if anybody bought it we should do an interview with him to say what were you thinking? that fake agent is so goofy to me. >> i travel with them all time. >> peter greenberg, thanks. we'll all be in washington on monday for the festivities and cbs news will bring you complete coverage of president obama's second inauguration beginning at 7:00 a.m. pacific time. the swearing-in is set for 9:00
8:41 am
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[ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ ♪ when someone mentions the brand name macintosh they're usually talking about the ground breaking computer but another macintosh has revolutionized things when it comes to audio. jeff, good morning. >> good morning to you. when macintosh makes a stereo or an amplifier, they do it the old-fashioned way and the american way. this may be the first time you're hearing of them but chances are they have already changed the way you listen. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: one band backed by
8:44 am
tens of thousands. per arena rock concerts it's a simple formula, and it works. but it didn't always. >> here are the beatles. >> on august 15th 1964 the beatles played their first arena concert everybody. at shea stadium over a p.a. system. the crowd was so loud the music could barely be heard. >> basically those venues were using what you would find in a club. >> that's where macintosh came in. >> right. >> macintosh, a small audio and speaker company based in binghamton, new york used amplifies to build a system capable of broadcasting clear sound to thousands. they first attempted it at woodstock in 1969 but best employed five years later when
8:45 am
the grateful dead began tours with hundreds of speakers and 48 macintosh amps. the wall of sound. >> they actually played in front of the sound system instead of it being off to the side. 28,000, that's a lot of power for that time frame. >> what does this place mean to you? >> to me it's the only place i've ever worked. charles randall is macintosh macintosh's current president. he's been working 26 of the company's 64 years. >> this is the stuff i danced around to in the 1970s. >> there's still a lot of people dancing to it. >> reporter: even though ownership has changed multiple times from domestic to for eign the tenants have not. >> any factories overseas? >> no factories overseas. everything is made in the u.s. >> any jobs overseas? >> no jobs overseas.
8:46 am
as long as i'm in charge. >> i'm sure you've been told this you can make more money overseas. >> sure, absolutely but yet my quality will suffer, and i won't allow that to happen. ♪ >> people always say how long do they last? >> we don't know how long they last. we've only been making them for 63 years. >> chuck hinton has been there for years as well. he's also a musician. he spent 20 years waiting for a job opening. he says he hopes it's the last job he ever has. >> we love what we make. we think it's the greatest thing. if you love it buy it enjoy it. it's great stuff. >> for years macintosh refused to advertise, instead relying on word of mouth. they wouldn't even submit the equipment for review. rolling stone calls it the wi-fi
8:47 am
stereo of the gods. >> we thought this thing was apropos. >> at $3,000 the mcaire is by no means cheap. but that's in line with their philosophy. spend more on the good hear less of the bad. ♪ i want my mtv ♪ >> the music is intended to be heard as the artists want you to hear it. ♪ >> your job is to get out of the way. >> our job is to get out of the way and deliver it the way it was supposed to be heard. ♪ you play your guitar ♪ >> were you familiar with macintosh before this shoots? >> my father to the great dismay of his father spent every mon he
8:48 am
made for his macintosh amp and tuner. he sold it back 24 years later for more money than he paid for it. >> he sold it back to the company company? >> no. to another company that resold them. this stuff lasts. as they say, how long does your stuff last for? we don't know. it's only been 63 years. >> i like that chuck hinton. he's a lit i'm a little smitten with him. if you like it you like it. if you buy it you buy it. >> it's a pretty rare company to have workers there that long to never leave that location and to have stuff that does not break down. >> yeah. made in america, great story. >> on their terms. thank you, jeff glor. did you come back with any things? >> you know, i want a mcair. can i get one? would you tell nicole i can have
8:49 am
one? >> i can tell nicole which is your wife. i can tell her. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." aj
8:50 am
8:51 am
can i say what stood out for me during this broadcast? jimmy kimmel calling charlie rose a dirty dog. i heard you called many things. never that. >> we'll get him back. >> yes
8:52 am
8:53 am
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your c-b-s five headlines... surf's up - for the first time in 3 years. mavericks is back! good morning, everyone. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines on this thursday. surf's up for the first time in three years. mavericks is back. 24 of the most skilled surfers from around the world will have been invited to participate. it starts at 8:00 sunday morning and wraps up at sunset. forecasters say conditions should be perfect right around noontime. some republican state lawmakers are proposing a tuition freeze for the university of california and california state university students. the freeze would last for at least 7 years, while prop 30 remains in effect. some of the prop 30 revenue is earmarked for higher education. but as of now, the uc and csu boards could raise fees. a $12,000 reward is up for a stolen piece of oakland history. the historic gold box was stolen last week. it was taken in the second break-in at the museum in just the last couple of months. the museum has increased its
8:55 am
security since then. here's lawrence with your forecast. and we are warming up. >> yes, we are going to need to warm things up nicely into the afternoon as we have cold temperatures outside but high pressure is going to crank up these numbers. beautiful hazy sunshine out over san jose right now. temperatures still cold in spots inland. 20s and 30s there. 40s at the coast. and by the afternoon, 50s even some mid-60s today so some warmer weather is on the way and it's going to hang around. looks like not only today but right through tomorrow and into the weekend. plenty of sunshine coming our way. we're going to check out your "timesaver traffic" coming right up.
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning. checking et ride in the east bay now. northbound 880 looks like this. it's backed up from hayward towards downtown oakland. drive time more than a half hour between 238 and the maze. traveling southbound 880 before 84 an accident earlier was cleared to the right-hand shoulder but it's still a little slow-and-go from highway 92. along the peninsula now, northbound 101 approaching oregon expressway, accident there still blocking one lane. our sensors are picking up a long line of slow traffic as far backing a238. so 280 might be a better option. a quick che of the bay bridge toll plaza. it is still backed up to the maze. have a great day.
8:58 am
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show. first -- >> is that the question? because -- >> announcer: david duchovny is dishing updating advice. >> my children are old enough to know we're having sex, i feel awkward afterward when we face them. >> come out and say, how the -- do you think you got here? >> announcer: then is your bra letting you down? >> take your top off, let's see what we are working with. >> my goodness. oh! >> announcer: "double divas" pulling off instant bra makeovers that might make you do a double take. >> i feel awesome! [cheers and applause] >> rachael: welcome, everybody, welcome. you know they say that sex sales and over the past six years our next guest's show

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